Hair and African-American female identity

At present, the international research is concerned with the color, body and clothing and the construction of black women in the United states. Hair is thought to be with a person’s position, the civilization with the scene has a close contact. Black women in the United States through the evolution of their hair to fight against the United States in the middle of the white wage, in order to show the natural beauty of black women and the construction of their identity.Read More

Chinese Hair Extensions Production Process

HAIR EXTENSIONS QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP ARE PRICE DETERMINANTS. Procurement hair on market. According to the company’s quality standards, the election for the right hair.Read More

7 Notes Must Know Before Transitioning Little Girls to Natural Hair

If you gave your little girl a perm and now regret it, or you’ve transitioned like me and want to do the same with your daughter, or whatever your situation maybe, I am going to share my transitioning tips and suggestions with you. My suggestions are based on how I transitioned. I would use this same method on my daughter if I were in the situation of transitioning her hair. You can use this information for your daughter’s and/or your transition to natural hair.Read More
When wearing hair extensions it is very important to take good care of your virgin human hair extensions for expanding their life expectancy. Treat the hair weave just as if it was your own hair.This will ensure that your hair extensions last as long as possible.With proper care, your virgin hair weave bundles will stay soft and beautiful wash after wash. So, WeNice hair gives you some tips will help you take the best care of your hair extensions.Read More
360 Lace frontal and lace closure are top choices today. A lace frontal and a lace closure are not the same things, but people often confuse the two. Lace closures are not lace frontal but frontal can be considered closures. 360 frontal allows you to style your hair weave all around not just the front. The lace will fit any wig cap, with 4 inches in the front and 2 inches towards the back. A lace frontal can be used to create an ear to ear hairline. Lace frontal covers the larger area than lace closure.Read More
WeNice hair will give you the best discount on all hair products for the Easter day.WeNice hair online mall offers best quality virgin human hair products like hair weaves, hair extensions, lace closure, hair wigs for your beauty.Read More

Care tips For Brazilian deep wave

Last updated May.14,2018

Virgin Brazilian deep wave hair weave is sleek, shiny and has an extremely luxurious feel.Malaysian hair can provide a perfect natural-looking and feel once installed. However, with proper care and maintenance, Virgin Brazilian deep wave bundle deals can last for long time and multiple installs. However, Your Brazilian Hair will last you for 1 year (potentially 2 years), depending on how well you take care of it. Read More

Human Hair VS Synthetic Hair

Last updated May.14,2018

Hair weave can be made of human hair, animal hair, synthetic hair. Which is best for you. Maybe both. Human Hair and Synthetic Hair have advantages and limitations which make them the right choice at different times. However, as we all know, human hair is the best choice for hair extensions, hairpieces and wigs for it is the highest grade of real, human hair and it achieves the most natural look.Read More

How to Care For Your Hair Weave

Last updated May.14,2018

Here at WeNice hair mall, our hair weave is all 100% human virgin hair weave which is shiny, soft and lightweight. The best thing about afro human hair is that it provides a realistic look and feel once installed. However, with proper hair care and maintenance, your human hair closure can last for years and multiple installs. Here are some care tips on your human hair weave bundles and can keep your kinky human hair look natural, healthy, beauty and make you save money.Read More
In WeNice hair mall, there are a variety of human hair weave types. They are all 100% human virgin hair weaves, such as hair weaves, hair extensions, wigs, closures in any style and color. So it is very important to choose the most suitable and best hair weave for you and make your hair style look natural. It can be a confusing world of hair types when you're looking for the perfect addition to your hairstyle.Read More
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